We rent band instruments and orchestral instruments


The rental musical instruments in the table below is just a small selection of brand instruments that we rent for the year.  You can rent a musical instrument for your school music program.  We have been renting band instruments for nearly 50 years. In fact, we rent hundreds of band instruments each year.   Manor Music is your best source for band instrument rentals in the Bay Area.


Pricing is for a (School Year)

Clarinet  $149.99

Flute  $149.99

Piccolo  $149.99

Trumpet  $149.99

French Horn  $200.00

Saxophone – Alto  $250.00

Saxophone – Tenor  $300.00

Oboe  $149.99

Violin  $99.99

Cello  $149.99

Baritone Horn  $250.00

Tuba  $200.00

Percussion Set  $99.99


All school band rentals require an additional insurance fee ($27 for $99 rentals, and $53 for rentals over $99).  Repairs arising from abuse or theft are not covered.


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