We have a large selection of sound gear for sale and rental.


Come in today and look at our selection of sound gear.  We have amplifiers, speakers, racks, rack mount sound processing, microphones, stand, flight cases, and much more.


Sound Gear

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  1. I’m hoping this is the same company as the one selling studio foam wedges on eBay. If so I’m wondering if it’d be possible to get a 96 pack of 12x12x2 wedge studio foam with 48 in Purple And 48 in a lime green? I’ve seen Kelly Green and Dark Green but the only Lime Green I’ve seen has been only 1 inch thick and only in a 12 pack. I’ve got a 10×16 Studio and I’m thinking 96 pieces plus the 50 other pieces I’ve got ordered will do the job I’m wanting. If you could let me know if this could be arranged I would highly appreciate it. Thanks, Jonny Davis

    Jonathan Davis
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